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Ubaldo Ciminieri and Joe Thurman are business partners, entrepreneurs, and DEI thought leaders with over 10 years of experience building cultures of inclusion. They are experts in the field of DEI training, strategy and implementation. Supporting companies in the US, Canada, Australia and India, they have the knowledge and experience to help executive teams develop and implement real-world DEI&B solutions. They are also Co-Founders of interviewIA, a technology solution focused on making hiring more equitable. 

This is not your traditional Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) or Unconscious Bias consulting. Breaking the Bias is designed to help companies and individuals create tools, methods, and strategies that systematically change an organization’s ability to drive inclusion. Creating a culture driven by curiosity is the cornerstone of Inclusion-driven Diversity.


Created by Joe Thurman and Ubaldo Ciminieri, these programs put action behind the conversation of Conscious Inclusion and Cultures of Belonging. Inclusion should be deliberate. Diversity should be natural. Consciously choose to change your judgments into curiosity.

Complete DEI&B support.

Executive and Leadership Coaching

1-on-1 Coaching for executives looking to improve their knowledge and ability to lead DEI initiatives. 

Strategic Consulting

Custom consulting to help with implementation of DEI&B strategies. 

DEI Roadmaps

Executive strategy and planning sessions to help build actionable DEI&B roadmaps. 

Corporate Retreats

Dynamic speaking engagements for virtual and in-person team gatherings and retreats. 

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Recommended by great organizations

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Ryan Lawlor / SIM-Next (Society of Information Management)

“Joe Thurman and UB Ciminieri are truly breaking barriers with their forward thinking and approach to building teams for organizations from the top down. It was a true awakening for me to acknowledge that no matter what background a person may have, they most likely have biases in some way or another.  Whether they are conscious or unconscious biases, Joe and UB are on a mission to bring those biases to your attention, while helping organizations realize the potential of building diverse, inclusive teams that will flourish. Their talk has forever changed my view of how organizations recruit, hire, and retain their workforce, and I am forever grateful that I will be able to be a part of their movement in Breaking the Bias! I highly recommend you join them on their journey!!”